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We build effective marketing strategies, implement them, and teach you along the way.

Marketing strategies and business plans

Content marketing, from planning to implementation

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Online advertising with results in mind

Copywriting and copy editing for web and print

Marketing campaigns and management

For Entrepreneurs, By an Entrepreneur.

"There has to be a method to the madness." - Yuriy Mikitchenko

If you're in business, you're already a marketer. Yet founders and business owners jump into selling their products and services without a cohesive plan or direction. In other words, business managers get somewhere without knowing how they got there. There's so many different ways to sell products and services that "trying it all" ends up costing more than needed.

So let's change that. Increase sales or launch new products through effective marketing and picking the right mix that makes sense for your business.

YMI Consulting's proven process sets the diretion for marketing campaigns, content marketing, and digital marketing. 

The process

Build a marketing framework

Whether launching a new product or re-evaluating your current marketing & sales approach, customers clearly understand your brand.

First, do you understand your customers, your competitors, how you're different, and what value you're bringing customers? 

Before getting into what you're doing in marketing, you have to understand why you're doing it.

Choose the best way to reach customers

Did you know that you don't have to do it all? Don't throw good money after bad because of the latest online marketing fad. 

We'll help you narrow down how to best reach your customers where they are. 

And we'll help you build a digital footprint:

  • Content marketing: Content planning, copy writing, copy editing, and blogging.
  • Content distribution: Email marketing, SEO, and social media marketing.
  • Digital advertising: Google AdWords and social media advertising.
Create a plan and get started

Here's where the doing happens. Based on the framework and audience, build a plan for:

  • Content & distribution frequency: How often you'll blog, publish photos & videos, create posts, and send emails.
  • Online advertising budget, ad design, and overall message.
  • SEO (search engine optimization) and Google AdWords keyword planning and campaign creation. 

And guess what? We'll do it with you and teach you what you'd need to know to keep going without us. 

We're ready to get started, at any point in the process.

Already have a framework, understand you brand, and who you're trying to reach? No problem. 

We'll help you fill the gaps where you need. So if you're only looking for help with Google Advertising or SEO, we'll align it to your strategy. 

What about blogging and web copy? Content marketing is how we got started. 

Contact us and let us know how we can help. 

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