Under-promise and over-deliver? Stop.

One of the first things B2B salespeople are taught: Under-promise and over-deliver. It seems like a solid strategy –who doesn’t like it when their Uber arrives two minutes earlier or the flight lands half an hour earlier? The idea that […]
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Business Case: Seal the deal.

All salespeople know that they have a greater chance of closing a deal if they have influence over a buyer’s decision making process. In B2B markets, salespeople strive to “get a seat at the table.” However, most the time, solutions […]
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Required: Project Management Skills

Being in business is exciting. Whether you’re a small business owner, tech entrepreneur, or a new business leader, it is easy to quickly take action without thinking through the process. In previous blogs, I’ve stressed the importance of creating plans […]
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Do what you do best.

Running a business can get complicated. It is easy for entrepreneurs and small business owners to get caught up in the details of managing a business, which can lead to burnout. Entrepreneurs are typically driven with the passion of their […]
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Creating the Startup Sales Team

Having people in your company who can influence others, motivate people, tell stories, and close on next steps are important. Businesses need salespeople, particularly in the B2B markets where the product or service costs are relatively high (think solution sales.) […]
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