None of it matters if you don't stay the course.

This isn’t going to be easy. Throughout this four-part series (well five –I added a bit about constraints,) I threw quite a bit of information on the table to think about. It can be overwhelming to look at your creative endeavor […]
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Breaking down Tactics in 3 steps

Tactics is all about the hard work. I have a lot of fun setting strategy, because it gets my creative juices flowing (yes, business people are creative too!) Yet once the strategy is set (the “how,”) it’s time to move […]
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Oh, My Favorite –Strategy!

In continuation of the four-part series on why and how to treat your music career like a startup, it’s time to move on to part two: Strategy –my favorite! Research forces you to gather as much information as you possibly […]
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Only Constrain One!

I’ve decided to postpone the four-part series on what it takes to launch a music endeavor to reinforce the foundation (I know, I’m only one-part in, but I have a point here.) As the year draws to a close and the […]
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Making hits through Research and Planning

We’ve all heard the old adage, “planning is half of the work.” As much as I appreciate the idea of moving quickly, a lot of time, energy, and money is wasted when executing without research and proper planning. Executing on […]
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Getting down to business

We all want to make a living doing what we love. ost people only dream of doing the thing they love to pay their bills, as well as establish residual income. Others are persistent, tenacious and driven to make the […]
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