Solve over-saturation with a Target Market

Is the independent music industry actually over-saturated? It’s not when you put it into perspective. While I’ve stated before that the indie scene is over-saturated, especially in cities like Portland, Oregon, or Austin, Texas, the industry is only over-saturated at […]
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Oh, My Favorite –Strategy!

In continuation of the four-part series on why and how to treat your music career like a startup, it’s time to move on to part two: Strategy –my favorite! Research forces you to gather as much information as you possibly […]
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Commonly overlooked: digital distribution

  Here’s a thought: your free downloads won’t necessarily motivate local music fans to listen to your songs. t’s hard to wrap your mind around why someone wouldn’t take something that’s free. It happens all of the time, though. Not […]
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Oh, you have a new record? Are you going to tell anyone about it?

Yeah, lately I’ve been thrashing the mainstream music industry, but there’s a reason the few successful companies at the top have the ears of millions. he major record labels have deep pockets and have been around for decades. If we […]
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