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Tonight is David Bowie's night.

“Under Pressure” is one of the best collaborations to come out of the 80s. 


News broke that David Bowie passed away last night. It’s been almost twenty-four hours, the buzz on social media has tapered, but I can’t seem to move on with business as usual without getting something off of my mind. David Bowie dedicated his entire life to music. And he did music his own way. I mostly know the David Bowie of the 1980s, yet when you dig deeper into his background, his career started the same way most passionate musicians begin today. He made the arts his number one priority and he went for it, struggling through the 1960s, until he caught his break in the U.K. in the 1970s. Last thing I want to do is give you the history of David Bowie’s career –that’s why Google exists.

Here’s my point: musicians, with the passing of this international icon, take a moment to reflect on your dedication to music. Are you willing to sacrifice, struggle, grow, and be different, regardless of what people say? When you’re doing well, are you ready to advocate for others struggling, even if it turns the spotlight away from you? This business doesn’t work unless we lift each other.

Here’s a wonderful moment of Bowie’s life and an example of how he gave back.

David Bowie created magic until the moment he died. The Telegraph reports that his last album was a “parting gift.” Read more here.

I’ll have more for you tomorrow. Tonight, though, is Bowie’s night.

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I Get Things Done. Let's grow your business together!