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Put this on your calendar: MOGO Music Marketing Meet Up – Jan. 24th

Artist: Craig Bidiman

Artist: Craig Bidiman

When you see an opportunity, jump on it. 

Especially when it comes to learning something new. A friend of mine recently made a painting that states, “Education is not preparation to life, education is life itself.” These words are so impactful that I commissioned my friend to make the same painting for me, but bigger. There’s nothing more powerful than knowledge. I read so many random articles about a variety of subjects  that I’ve come to realize that I can spark a conversation with people from all walks of life.

Curiosity is key to life.

Musicians, are you curious about the business behind your trade? If you say no, I say, really!? I hope you have a corporate job.

My point: here’s an opportunity for some education and it won’t cost you a dime. The next MOGO Music Marketing Meet Up is in two months, put it on your calendar. On January 24th, the folks behind the MOGO Music Festival (occurred November 20-21 at Dante’s and STAR Theater) are bringing together some brains which can help you better understand the activities around promotion. Moderated by Jason Fellman of J-Fell Presents, the topic of this meet up is, “Local Concert Promotion.” It’ll be great hearing from some of Portland’s promotion hotshots; Doug Fir’s marketing director, Frank Rinaldi is responsible for some of the greatest lineups I’ve seen at Doug Fir and he knows what to do in order to draw a crowd (no, your band just showing up isn’t all it takes to draw.) The panel also includes  marketers from renowned venues, Mississippi Studios and Crystal Ballroom. Ned Failing and Mike Walker (respectively) are an example of businesspeople who turn the dials and pull the levers of promotion, which inform the masses of an upcoming show.

I’m done with my rant. RSVP on Facebook and go to the event!

Link – https://www.facebook.com/events/1671795013105318/

Let me know if you’re going – @YuriyM on Twitter


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I Get Things Done. Let's grow your business together!
I Get Things Done. Let's grow your business together!