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This one is for Portland music fans


I’ll be the first to admit, I listen to a lot of mainstream music. 

I ditched my iPod and started using my Galaxy Nexus to listen to all of my music with a MOG subscription. The majority of the songs that I’ve favorited are mainstream songs –everything from Muse and Coldplay to Kid Cudi. Thrown in the mix are a few of my favorites from local performers like Kid Pistol/Noraa Ish, Ben Union and Just People. I even have a couple of songs from the Corvallis band, Motae, in the playlist.

I’ve had the opportunity to hear dozens of local and undiscovered bands. While some bands were decent, performed okay on stage and had horrible recordings, others blew up on stage and had clean and crisp recordings –million-dollar studio quality. These bands are on par with or better than than my favorite mainstream tracks. After I noticed that I had Ben Union’s track, “Shake That Ass,” on repeat for an entire day, I had to (once again) think, why isn’t this song at the top of the Billboard charts?

I hit the internet to find out what it takes to make a hit song.

Hit songs have nothing to do with talent.

Your favorite Katy Perry song sucks. She didn’t write that song. And it was marketed to hell until it somehow ended up on my playlist for a week (c’mon, “California Girls” is pretty catchy). Her hit songs are purely commercial. Yeah, you already knew that. Right?

It takes the mainstream music industry one million dollars to just “roll out” one hit song. A song that the artist didn’t write and had no say in the production process. The music is completely manufactured for one purpose: to make profit.

As a business-oriented person, I can understand that. But I also believe in true, quality music –music that is authentic, written and performed, not lip-synced, by that musician. The music industry has done a great job fooling me that they produce genuine music. There’s unbalanced influence, though. Our local musicians don’t get the credit that they deserve because they don’t have quite as much financial power.

Portland music fans: you can help The Portland Pick combat this unbalance of power. Support your music scene. Go to a show this weekend; cover is cheap. Buy the album. Buy a download. Buy a shirt. Take a couple stickers with you. Post it somewhere. Use social media. Tell your friends about your favorite artist. Share your favorite songs. Support a band’s Kickstarter campaign. Encourage your friends to try something new and repeat what you just did. Let’s show L.A. that we can do it better. Are you with me?

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I Get Things Done. Let's grow your business together!


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