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Oh, you have a new record? Are you going to tell anyone about it?

Yeah, lately I’ve been thrashing the mainstream music industry, but there’s a reason the few successful companies at the top have the ears of millions.

The major record labels have deep pockets and have been around for decades. If we want to change the music business and bring genuine music to the forefront, we should learn a few things from the majors. I mentioned in a previous blog post that it takes one million dollars for a label to “roll out” a single hit song. Unless you have a rich uncle, you probably don’t have a million dollars to promote your new EP, but that doesn’t necessarily put you at a disadvantage.

Although I’m a proponent of dreaming big and the idea that anything is possible, it’s unrealistic to take your most recent work and go-to-market across the entire nation in a short time frame. As a Portland band, you’ll have greater success having a focused market. Focus on the market that is most receptive to your product because it will be easier to sell. Debut your work in Portland first. Push the hell out of your work in Portland. Then move on from there –attack each market in phases.

Have a marketing plan.

Just like a business has a plan to bring its product or service to a market.

Your music is great, I know, but don’t assume that at the moment you upload your tracks to the Internet they will sell. With all of the noise on the web, no one knows about you until you tell them about yourself. Jov Novosti is a fabulous musician and composes some of the best music I’ve heard in Portland. He told me that his debut EP didn’t do as well as he’d hoped because he didn’t put much effort into letting people know about his work.

Why do you think it takes a million dollars to “roll out” a single hit? Those are pure marketing dollars. The majors have a formula for marketing national hits, with cash as their catalyst.

The internet, coupled with the collaborative music community in Portland, makes it simple to develop an effective marketing plan to promote your work. With the right combination of promoters, managers, local recording studios, producers, and self promotion, you’ll develop a marketing strategy that works well for your product and brings it to your target market. You’ll spend a lot less than you think.

Come up with your own formula. Our catalyst is the passion for creative, original, and quality music. Take advantage of it.

If you need suggestions, I’m all ears. I’d like to hear where you are with your endeavors and where you’d like to be. I’m glad to share some ideas. Email me – yuriy@portlandpick.com.


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I Get Things Done. Let's grow your business together!
I Get Things Done. Let's grow your business together!

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