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10599727_10202878038532002_6153008522833065281_nAfter a two-year hiatus, graduate school, and three now ex-girlfriends, I’m ready to get back to business.

The music business, that is.

It’s been nice taking a backseat to the independent music business over the last two years and watching things play out (no pun intended.) I spent about two and half years running PDX Pick (www.pdxpick.com) with my business partners and it was one hell of a learning experience. I met and interviewed well over two hundred bands, participated in several events and festivals, and tried every beer at Oregon Brewer’s Festival 2013. I decided to refine my business skills by earning an MBA through Oregon State in the fine city of Portland.

Throughout business school, I stayed connected with the independent music industry through my close friends, Charley McGowan and Mark Dilson, and their music circles. Graduating in June of this year, I began to regain a sense of the independent music business in Portland. It’s been nice attending shows more than once a quarter (if that) while I was punishing myself in grad school. As summer 2015 commenced, so did the festivals, the abundance of shows to attend –every day of the week, and several new bands formed. My analysis of the state of the Portland indie music scene: nothing’s really changed. Bands have come and gone. The same big names in the scene from 2013 are still the same big names in 2015. However, I have to give some bands some credit; Rags and Ribbons continues to make waves on the West Coast. Sam Martin from Con Bro Chill has been featured in a hit song by David Guetta (I’m assuming he wrote the song as well.)

Another revelation came about through a group of passionate musicians that have formed a musician marketing forum on Facebook, who also meet regularly to discuss strategies to market their bands.

My mind was blown.

Finally, finally, finally. Musicians are collaborating for the greater good and sharing ideas –business ideas –in an organized manner! Marketing is business. Our musician community is making strides in the right direction. I know that this community has the talent to organize musicians and streamline their marketing efforts. Too often have I spoken with bands that shoot from the hip and do not have a plan.

I’ll admit it: the three years I spent playing alto sax in middle school do not make me a musician. I’m a business guy. Business is my expertise. I analyze industries and markets to develop strategies, then tactfully execute on these strategies (I can see @whaines [www.twitter.com/whaines] rolling his eyes to that sentence.) I also happen to understand a fair share of the music industry –I know more than enough to be dangerous. I continue to observe, analyze, and question what I know. I’ve come to realize that what I would think is obvious, really isn’t. But then again, I’m not a musician and I do not dedicate my time to creating the magic that is music.

Musicians fill the gaps of my life. It’s time that I give back and fill some gaps.

Check this out:

Hey Yuriy & PDX Pickers —

Been meaning to write to say a huge thank you, not only for the nice write up and interview you did with us, but really wanted to say thanks for the advice Yuriy gave us at Kelly’s Olympian.

After that interview months ago, he very convincingly mentioned that we should do a small tour and told us how important it is for bands to hit the road and share their music. Something about the way he said it hit us and we were all like “oh yea. We really should.”

Shortly after, we were serendipitously asked to go on the road with our friends 1776. We booked three of the shows on our own and joined them for one they had booked; we also recorded a new song whilst in L.A. (which I can’t wait to share with y’all). We did a week on the road in late June and we’re still feeling high from it. It was not only fun to share our music, but being forced to perform outside our comfort level made us better performers and gagers of the audience as well …

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to write my gratitude since then because I feel the advice y’all gave us that night really motivated us & I just can’t express how grateful I am for that. Thank you!

As well, the entire crew the evening of the interview were all super friendly, professional, and really just cool. It was a very positive experience and I really enjoy watching all the other band interviews you post. Thanks again so much y’all and keep up the good work!!!


Souvenir Driver

Souvenir Driver: thank you. Coming back to this email reminded me why I’m passionate about what I do and how I, an independent music enthusiast, really fits into the industry.

I’m back. I’m getting back involved. The team and I are getting back together. We’re working on a project that will empower independent musicians to achieve their goals.

In the meantime, I’ll continue sharing my thoughts, analysis, and being a catalyst to get independent musicians to think differently about their endeavors.

Questions/comments? Twitter: @YuriyM or email me – yuriy@ycmsquared.com

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I Get Things Done. Let's grow your business together!