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Can you answer why?

“Why should I sign off on this proposal,” says the customer.

“…” sales team.

“There’s a 40% discount if you sign this quarter,” says the sales team.

If that happens in a sales meeting, your company’s go-to-market and sales strategy is flawed –everyone in the organization must be able to answer the question, “why?”

Sales & Marketing leaders need to step up

Product Development

Product Development

As a product, service, or solution is developed, marketing departments invest in educating the public about the product and its feature sets. Respectively, sales leaders do the exact same thing with sales reps. In other words, sales reps are educated on the ‘what.’ This is the product or solution, this is how it works, and these are the features. And then, with the sales department, if the offering doesn’t compete well or is not compelling, sales managers discount quotes and proposals only to achieve sales goals.

Eventually, the offering loses credibility and value in the market, salespeople get discouraged, and the organization is on a path to profit loss. Marketing departments and sales leaders leave it up to salespeople to figure out how to make the offering compelling to their customers, because they believe they know the customers best.


How can a business develop an offering to a market if there is no value to the customer? The product developers know the market more than anyone else. The marketing department must develop compelling campaigns that educate the impact and value of the offer. Then it is up to sales leaders to catalyze the thinking of sales reps in regards to how the offering will impact their customers –help them understand the ‘why’ behind the offering.

Educate sales reps to educate their customers

An offering is typically compelling when a customer realizes that there is a different way to do something that they didn’t think of; there’s a better way that they didn’t know about. As businesses rely on sales reps to solution sell to their customers (in a B2B scenario,) sales leaders must teach their sales reps to understand how an offering differentiates between competitive offerings and how it will impact a business. Leaders must teach their sales reps how to educate their customer and how to present new ideas in a non-confrontational manner (you can’t tell a customer they’re wrong.)

Once a sales rep can successfully educate their customers, the path to closing becomes clear. The close becomes the ‘why.’ While some customers directly ask ‘why,’ many don’t ask and expect the sales reps to tell them.

If an offering makes it from marketing to sales, and sales leaders can’t position the ‘why’ effectively with sales reps, the offering is flawed and product development needs to go back to the drawing board.

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I Get Things Done. Let's grow your business together!