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A powerful force: Momentum

Steel Bridge & Convention Center - PDX

Steel Bridge & Convention Center – PDX

Momentum is a powerful force, but it can easily be overlooked, and that could lose you an opportunity to make a more significant impact. Being aware of a momentous period and taking advantage of that energy is a strategic move in any industry. In the music industry in particular, making the right moves after an impactful moment will accelerate success and could be the period of time that sets you apart from the crowd. In other words, taking advantage of momentum can make you and your band blow up.

So how do you take advantage of momentum? As most of my blogs suggest, it really only takes some critical thinking and then action.

First: Identify Momentum

The root word to “momentum” is “moment.” Dictionary.com defines “moment” as, “an indefinitely short period of time; instant.” You must first identify the moment which leads to momentum. This moment can be a big show, a CD release, an event the band or musician will attend, a single release, you name it. A caveat –you create momentum by making an impactful moment, which is why I say that it really takes something thinking. Being aware of how the moments you make as a musician make people feel is the anchor point. You must identify the anchor before the moment happens. This part is critical, because if you identify the moment after it has happened, you’ve missed most of the momentum.

Second: Create a Plan

Once you’ve identified the moment leading to momentum, what will you do to catalyze that momentum, get your fans to take action, and keep your music at the forefront of their minds? Yes, the moment itself is priority, but you must act quickly after that CD release in order to take advantage of the momentum. I recommend that a post-moment meeting be scheduled prior to that event. For example, a post-CD-release show meeting should be on the books within a week after the show itself. Why? The band and stakeholders need to regroup to do 1) celebrate, 2) discuss the impact on themselves, 3) aggregate comments and feedback from the fans into one place, and 4) create an actionable plan on what to do next. This is also a good time to compare the band’s strategy to what is actually happening and make adjustments.

Third: Take Action


@YuriyM at a YCMsquared team meeting

Sounds simple, right? Yet, I see to many bands have a momentous show and then I don’t see anything from them for months. The band is silent on social media, there is no new content, and fans do not know what the musician is doing next! You have fans excited! Feed them more! Give them something to look forward to and have something to show them soon! This is the basis of marketing and promotions —if you have their attention, keep it! The plan created in step two doesn’t need to be an extravagant marketing campaign. The plan can be simple and you already have the tools to do it. For example, follow up videos, which engage the fans, can be recorded on a smartphone. Keep fans engaged and let them know what they can expect next, and when.

Well, I’m excited with the momentum I’m seeing in the independent music business. Any thoughts on momentum? Send me a tweet – @YuriyM or email me at yuriy@ycmsquared.com.

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I Get Things Done. Let's grow your business together!
I Get Things Done. Let's grow your business together!