Now in Estonia, YMI Consulting brings years of Sales, Marketing, and Business Management experience to technology startups and small-to-mid-market businesses in the Baltics. Located in Tallinn, Yuriy is providing services to Estonia’s bustling startup technology companies, being face-to-face, with the support of the team in the United States. Let’s take your technology to market, with know-how of how to sell it in the United States as well.

YMI Consulting provides consulting and management services for startups and small-to-mid-market businesses. Getting things done is the name of the game. Understanding holistic business operations, from creating a minimum viable products, taking them to market through a distribution channel, boosting sales, to project management and business management, the team at YMI Consulting brings creativity to any challenge. Because doing things by the book isn’t always right. Fusing ideas from different subjects to create a new, innovative approach to your business is what it will take to get your company to the next level.

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Now here’s a bit more about the founder.

Yuriy Mikitenko, MBA

Yuriy Mikitchenko

People tend to think that Yuriy is strictly business. Well, he is –his brain is wired this way. He has been in sales & marketing since 2008, starting in the insurance business, and now working with B2B technology companies, while also helping small business in a variety of market verticals accelerate revenue growth. In addition, Yuriy has over a decade of experience in the media and independent music business. As a co-founder of PDX Pick (,) a Portland, OR based digital media company, he proved that he can lead a team to create a solid, well-known brand from scratch.

With a knack for sales & marketing, Yuriy gets excited when he can help a small business grow. It starts with unconventional thinking. Not just “outside of the box” thinking, but mashing business fundamentals, marketing, data analytics, and social with giant ideas to make a strategy and execution plan to gain more customers, as well as get your current customers to spend more with your business. Whether you’re a start up or a small business, start with YMI Consulting, and get your boost.

Yuriy’s expertise:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Data analytics
  • Social marketing
  • Software sales

Now, outside of business, Yuriy takes time to explore new wines, go to indie music shows, and visit his nieces (they grow up so fast!)

“Execution makes successful people, not just ideas” – Yuriy Mikitchenko